Easy Spring Planter

August 1 129

Every year as soon as I see pansies I get excited. Spring is coming! I find each season to be beautiful in its own way. In spring everything is new or reborn and the colours are so vibrant. Yellow, the cheeriest colour, dots landscapes everywhere this time of year.
I made this planter up a few years back, I love this combo. Usually I plant at least one like this every year.
Often I create planters to have a back to them, this is one of those planters. Here are some of the simple rules I use when doing planter and basket designs. Use great soil, poor soil doesn’t give your plants a chance. Also whoever said less is more, lied to you. Pack it. Cram as much crap (I mean beautiful cherished plants) in that tiny space as you can, especially if you are going to toss it and do another planter in the summer. Fertilize and last but not least, pinch.
I wanted vibrant. So I used yellow as the main colour and added other vibrant dots around the yellow base. The pansy colours all work together because of the yellow dot in the center of the pansy all correspond back to each other and the daff. This is a simple look to create. In one 10″ pot I used the following:

1-4″ mini daffodil. I used minnow, I think but tete a tete would be just as good. Place it in the back center.
2-4″ ranunculus. One of to the side of each daff.
3-4″ pansies. I used the fizzy series. Place one in the center and 2 on the front sides.

So pick a pot, get some plants and go out get there and make a spring planter to make you neighbors jealous! I mean plant something up to make yourself happy 🙂

August 1 135


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